Kayak Trail




  • A Trip at your Own Pace

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    Being the captain of your own watercraft is the perfect way to take in the scenic beauty of Vermilion’s Water Trail. That means paddling is part of the experience,  and the key to enjoy it has a lot to do with the boat you’re in. That’s why our fleet was selected for stability, comfort and built-in tracking. With little instructions these vessels go straight with minimal effort!

    So what’s next? We’ll teach you some basic strokes and proper techniques to maximize your energy and ensure you can navigate through the water. With a good foundation of boat control and safety guidelines, you’ll maximize your time sightseeing, catching rays and exploring the river beyond the bend!

    Hours of Operation

    June 1st – August 31st Open Daily 10am to 6pm.

    September 1st – October 15th For general walk-in; 10am to 6pm Wednesday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday. Reservations can be made for any day of the week during this time.

    *Hours of operations are weather permitting.